2021 Lakeland Predators Registration


After much effort and communication with Antioch community high School, the board has been informed that the Lakeland Predators will not have access to the wrestling room or any other part of the high school facilities this year. We share the same disappointment as many others that were looking forward to having as close to a normal IKWF season as we are used to.

In our search for alternative solutions we were able to come up with an agreement between First There Training Facility and the Lakeland Predators. The Lakeland Predators will be able to provide one night per week in the month of April at no charge to any wrestler that is registered with the Lakeland Predators! This will be an open mat format with some instruction. Open mats will take place at First There Training Facility located at 344 E. Main St. Twin Lakes WI beginning on April 8th from 6:45 TO 7:45.  All wrestlers that plan to attend must be registered and have their USA wrestling membership card. Board members will be present to check registration and assist in any instruction. If there is enough participation throughout the month of April, we may be able to continue the program into May with the possibility of coordinating dual competitions.  Please use the attached link to register.  We look forward to seeing the Predators back on the mats!

For questions on obtaining a usa wrestling membership click here:


To sign up for the 2021 IKWF wrestling season please register at: https://forms.gle/doZ4w6D1mqRyeZmZ6


Date Time
March 1, 2021 4:00 pm