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3 weeks ago
Cary Kolat


While we are out of the room for a couple days, please help your wrestler stay active. Push ups, sit ups, lunges, pull ups, squats, planks are all good excercises they can do in limited space. I know there are more, but just giving idea's. Also, if they have space in the basement or away from your nice stuff stance and motion, stand ups, quad pods, down blocks, sit outs and other little moves to keep them sharp are recommended. Since we are in the youtube era, have them search Cary Kolat or follow this link: Good drills and techniques from possibly the best technictian the USA has ever had!! Or search "Shadow wrestling" to get other ideas. See you all Friday night at 6pm!

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3 weeks ago

***Practice is cancelled tonight and tomorrow as the high school will be closing after school is out today and no school tomorrow. We are waiting to hear about Thursday still. Please put Friday on your schedule as a practice night. I have secured the room and we will hold a practice. Look for more info to come in an email shortly!

3 weeks ago
The State Newspaper

What a great perspective. We all want the best for the kids, but lets keep it in perspective. Glad we got some great parents!

Frank Martin discusses the sad reality of parents attempting to coach their kids from the stands. Read more in the story linked below.

3 weeks ago
Lakeland Predators Wrestling Club of Antioch Illinois

Reminder, we are selling Super Bowl Squares. Payment can be made at practice this week, set up Saturday night, or Sunday morning at the tournament. Please contact John at the email listed below. Share with your friends and family please.

Friends and family, we are selling Super Bowl squares!! This fundraiser is for the club, we are a 501c3 organization that is helping to increase participation in wrestling for our local youth. Payouts are as follows:


Contact John Carson [email protected]

After emailing John, he will send you a link to the squares.

Please share!! Lets sell the board out!

3 weeks ago
2018-2019 season pictures

Here are the pics of our wrestlers that I have taken through out the season. Feel free to tag yourselves or add your own to the album.

3 weeks ago

Out to eat after the Rocket Open 🚀

3 weeks ago

Congrats to NU asst. Coach Cody Brewer for winning the 61kg freestyle wrestling Dave Shultz Memorial tournament at the US Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs yesterday.

3 weeks ago

Big Ten Network has 4 hours of live wrestling tonight! Michigan and Ohio St is on now followed by Illinois and Iowa. Tune in, take notes, translate the intensity into your wrestling on Sunday! Note the moves and technique being used....same stuff we drill daily just with more intensity and confidence!

3 weeks ago

Small contingent of Lakeland Predators cheering on UW-Parkside Rangers

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The Lakeland Predators Wrestling Club was founded in 1978 in an effort to give as many local grade school aged kids as possible the opportunity to wrestle. Based at Antioch Community High School, we are convenient to families in the Chain of Lakes region in northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin. We strive to be flexible, low maintenance and affordable. With a focus on sportsmanship- we teach kids to wrestle, work hard, and have fun while providing competitive opportunities for both inexperienced and experienced wrestlers. We are members of the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation and our club members are carded by USA Wrestling.