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Predator Families
We are looking for donations for the silent auction at the banquet. If you are interested in donating please let us know and we will get you the address to which you can drop it off. Items should be new. We would like donations turned in by 04/15.

2 weeks ago
Sequoit Open

Please make sure you register for this weekends Sequoit Open. It is the first step of the Triple Threat Series this Spring. Win all three and you are in the running to win a belt!! The link to register is

Please share with your friends and make this a great event. This is a FOLKSTYLE event.


2 weeks ago

Kids learned a new leg lace tonight. The coaches also learned this variation.

2 weeks ago

This is a good example of where learning some freestyle can help you in folkstyle. We will be in the room starting at 5:30 tonight working on some freestyle! If you haven’t signed up and paid yet, you have no idea what you are missing out on!!

What is Yianni?

2 weeks ago
2019 Off-Season Tournaments, Camps and Clinics » Lakeland Predators Wrestling Club

Please make sure you visit the "off-season" tab on the website. We are constantly updating it with local camps, clinics, and tournaments. Notably, next weekend Antioch High School wrestling team is hosting a tournament at Antioch!! Get some mat time in. There will be coaches in attendance for this one. Click the link on the page to register on Track.

Summer wrestling makes winter champions! The Lakeland Predators Wrestling Club is proud to curate the most complete list of nearby off-season wrestling opportunities across Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa.

3 weeks ago
Purler Wrestling

Trust me on this: -1- Do one thing every day for your success. It’ll change you as a competitor / person. It can be as simple as listening to a 5 minute interview of a top coach. The point is your are TAKING ACTION! -2- You realistically have 30% more wins in you...but more wins also means you must cut your losses too. Tips: Learn to emotionally and physically manage your way through a match (stay IN the match). Score first (or no one scores), do not get turned (HOLD strong position) and on top, work RELENTLESSLY for the opponent’s wrist. This forces you to ride strong and tight. -3— Allow yourself not to be perfect. The “I either WIN BIG or I LOSE BIG” disease must be defeated. Baby steps, closing the gap, and being “ok” with good losses is important. Good luck athletes. #purlerwrestling #wrestling

3 weeks ago
Photos from Lakeland Predators Wrestling Club of Antioch Illinois's post

USA Wrestling Folkstyle National Championships “All American” Jacob Smith, 3rd place 59lbs

3 weeks ago

Lot of truth here. You control your destiny, but are you willing to put in the work and trust the process? If the answer is yes, you’re three weeks into the off season, evaluate your plan and stay the course! The room is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7 pm. $100 and your goals is all thats needed. (And a USA card) See you there!

3 weeks ago
NCAA Wrestling

Wow!! Find your bond. I love how these guys share some of their deepest feelings and emotions in and through a sport that is built with the toughest of people. Don’t let a sport divide, but let it bring you together. Enjoy the journey!!

“Do what you do and be the best version of you.”

Myles Martin of Ohio State University Wrestling and his dad share how their bond grew through the sport.

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The Lakeland Predators Wrestling Club was founded in 1978 in an effort to give as many local grade school aged kids as possible the opportunity to wrestle. Based at Antioch Community High School, we are convenient to families in the Chain of Lakes region in northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin. We strive to be flexible, low maintenance and affordable. With a focus on sportsmanship- we teach kids to wrestle, work hard, and have fun while providing competitive opportunities for both inexperienced and experienced wrestlers. We are members of the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation and our club members are carded by USA Wrestling.