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3 days ago
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2019 Predator Banquet
Thank you to all our wrestlers, coaches, team moms, and board members

3 days ago

2018-2019 Lakeland Predators end of season Banquet!

4 days ago

Learning some throws tonight! Adding new levels to our offense!

4 days ago

This is part of out practice. Make your opponent bite on the first move while setting up the second. No more straight on shots!

Ian Parker is taking the wrong shot on purpose.

4 days ago

Find a way to get some mat time. If you aren’t, your opponent is! I say it all the time, “Somewhere in some other room, someone is outworking you. You are either keeping pace, getting ahead, or falling behind.”

1 week ago

Well said here and supported. I’d love to have a room of state champs and all, but don’t equate youth success with continued success. Just keep getting better every day and commit yourself to the process!

1 week ago
Timeline Photos

Congrats to our 10 Predators who braved the snow today to compete at the 2019 Sequoit Open. We took home 4 firsts, 1 second and 5 third place medals - all earning points towards the Triple Threat belt! Two more tournaments in the series...come join us on 5/5 and 6/8 :

1 week ago
Illinois Girls Wrestling

Great opportunity for our girl wrestlers!

Help support the Blades Sisters and learn some great technique!

1 week ago

Here is a look at the belts on the line. Wrestle in all 3 for a chance to win one.

Friends, do you have a wrestler who would want to win a championship belt? !!!?!?

Just a reminder that our tournament series starts this upcoming Sunday, April 14th at Antioch High School! See flyer for further details.

Medals for the top 3 at each weight class, earn enough points and win one of the Belts shown!

Wrestle in 2 of the 3 tournaments and still have the opportunity to earn enough points to get a belt!

If we have enough girls to wrestle we will have a girls division!


Please feel free to pass on this information to any other wrestling contacts you have.

Belts will be on display this weekend at ACHS.

1 week ago

Yep,girls wrestle too!! We have a special group of young ladies eager for more teammates! We were a few points away from placing as a team at Girls State with a STATE CHAMP and four other placers. Join the fun!!

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The Lakeland Predators Wrestling Club was founded in 1978 in an effort to give as many local grade school aged kids as possible the opportunity to wrestle. Based at Antioch Community High School, we are convenient to families in the Chain of Lakes region in northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin. We strive to be flexible, low maintenance and affordable. With a focus on sportsmanship- we teach kids to wrestle, work hard, and have fun while providing competitive opportunities for both inexperienced and experienced wrestlers. We are members of the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation and our club members are carded by USA Wrestling.