The 2019/20 wrestling season is almost upon us. If you are interested in joining the premier wrestling club in Northern Illinois, please go to our registration page and following our step by step instructions.


4 days ago
2019/20 Lakeland Predators Registration » Lakeland Predators Wrestling Club

Registration is OPEN!! Please make sure you read the registration page completely to make sure everything is filled out right. https://www.lakelandpredators.com/event/lakeland-predators/

Please send any questions to [email protected]

Registration information for the 2018-2019 season. Please answer all questions as complete as possible. This information is important contact information needed by the club. This information will not be shared with anyone and is only visible to the Board of Directors. Medical information may be shar...

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Too Many Kids Leave Sports Because Of The Car Ride Home

Great thoughts! The sports (all sports) are hard enough on kids. Encourage them on the way home, help them set realistic goals, help them keep perspectives and focused on their goals. Parents have to be their kids biggest cheerleaders!!

Brad Frost, Women's Hockey Coach at Minnesota, urges parents to support their kid's team regardless of talent.

1 week ago
The Link between Football and Wrestling | Hudl Blog

To all of our football players, please share this article with your new teammates. Our two sports complement each other very well! Bring a friend with you this season! https://www.hudl.com/blog/the-link-between-football-and-wrestling

While sports like basketball, soccer, ice hockey and track can improve an athlete’s agility and speed, no other sport is as beneficial to football players as wrestling.

1 week ago
Timeline Photos

I have always told our wrestlers that what we do in the room goes way beyond what happens on the mat. We are developing good, tough, educated people ready to make an impact on the world once this wrestling career is over! Champions in and for life! #lakelandbuilt

2 weeks ago

Nice read and something many old and young struggle with. We want wresters to fight for everything, but ultimately be ok when things don’t go their way. Controlling emotions is huge, some get it quicker than others. We are in the struggle together! Please share with your wrestlers!

My new blog is up on wrestling mentality🔥. Check it out at

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Son’s AND Daughters!! We all know competition gets the best of us

3 weeks ago
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Everyday you need to PAY the price for the glory you want. It isn’t cheap and it doesn’t come easy! What did you do today to get closer to the top of the podium?

4 weeks ago

Again, ask yourself, what are you doing on your own with parents, coaches, or anyone else telling you to do it? That’s what separates those on the podium from those on the floor!

4 weeks ago
Ellen DeGeneres

Inspirational story

This family makes me so happy.

1 month ago

No need to add to this one! We do it for the kids! Each and everyone of them.

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The Lakeland Predators Wrestling Club was founded in 1978 in an effort to give as many local grade school aged kids as possible the opportunity to wrestle. Based at Antioch Community High School, we are convenient to families in the Chain of Lakes region in northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin. We strive to be flexible, low maintenance and affordable. With a focus on sportsmanship- we teach kids to wrestle, work hard, and have fun while providing competitive opportunities for both inexperienced and experienced wrestlers. We are members of the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation and our club members are carded by USA Wrestling.